about waves orchestra

Waves Orchestra is founded by Samir, producer, musician & Persian singer/vocalist with over 16 years of stage experience.

Waves Orchestra is an international live band based in Los Angeles, California. It consists of some of the most talented, energetic, passionate and experienced musicians & artists in the market.

History of Waves Orchestra

Waves Orchestra has been in the music industry since 1997.

With the fast-growing new generation and the cultural diversity that is being felt more than ever before, versatility and variety are the key factors in the music Entertainment field as much as any other businesses. Waves Orchestra gives a multicultural musical experience that would take the audience on a journey from one side of the world to another in less than 4 minutes. Waves International band is able to take you on this journey by having different handpicked artists from all over the world to unite as a team and work together. All this combined with an unmatched energy level and experience from amazing performers will create a memorable and unforgettable musical experience for you and your loved ones at your next big private function or corporate event.

Our Goal

Your event is our most important performance.

Waves primary goal is to provide a sensational & energetic music experience in the most elegant, yet warm & friendly approach. Thanks to the versatile musicians & the international singers onboard, Waves Orchestra can perform any style or genre of music, live.
So whether you are looking for Top40/Dance hit songs, Persian music, Hebrew/Israeli songs, Spanish/Latin tunes, Italian, French, American Standards, Armenian or 80s music, we got you covered.

why waves orchestra

Waves Orchestra presents a unique and energetic live performance.

. Over 16 years of stage experience
. Customized band & services that suit your event
. True live, concert style performance without playback, pre-recorded music or sequencers
. Highest quality state of the art sound system
. Warm, friendly, yet elegant & professional crew