Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of events your band performs?

A: We perform: multi-cultural Weddings, Persian weddings, Israeli/Jewish weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Engagements, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries and virtually any other events with mid to large size audience.

Q: How many hours will the live band perform at a wedding?

A: Our live wedding band performs approximately 5-6 hours on stage from the Entrance to cut-off time.

Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes. We travel to other cities and states as well as other countries worldwide.

Q: Do you provide DJ also?

A: Yes. We provide Persian and International DJ for your event as part of the band package. We also have Persian DJ and International DJ available along with Persian DJ BAND packages for weddings and other private functions.

Q: How long in advance should we book you for our event?

A: We sometimes have openings for next week and sometimes we are booked up for the next 3 months. so it's best to call and find out about the exact date you are inquiring. Normally at 3-4 month ahead, you will have a very good chance to find your date available.

Q: Do you have music services other than the live international band?

A: Yes. We have prelude and soft music available for ceremony, Hors d'oeuvres/cocktail hours and intermissions with live musicians on variety of instruments such as violins, in forms of solo, duo or quartet, Harp and flute, cello, sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, acoustic guitar and many more.

Q: Do you provide your own sound system and equipments?

A: Yes. we have the most advanced state of the art line array sound systems to provide the best quality sound at your event. We also have top quality wireless Microphone systems, monitor systems and other back-line and amplifiers required to run every show in top quality level.

Q: What kind of songs/genre of music will you perform at our event?

A: The style of music we perform is customized by the host and is driven by the mood of the guests at the function. We mostly play upbeat, energetic, top40 Dance music, today's hit songs, popular music from different ethnicity or cultures such as: Persian music, Hebrew/Israeli songs, French songs, Italian songs, American standards, Jazz, Pop, 80's music, Latin/Spanish, Island and world music and many more.

Q: Can we meet in person to go over the details of our event?

A: Yes, Absolutely! We can setup a time and meet with you in person and go over the details of your program and make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Q: What is the band's dress code?

A: We always dress up in formal attires for weddings and other formal events. this includes tuxedos, black suits, black bow-ties and white formal shirts and dress shoes. We can customize the band's appearance to your event color selection or design if needed.

Q: Can we meet person to go over the details of our event?

A: Yes, Absolutely! We can setup a time and meet with in person and we can go over the details of your program and make sure the event runs as smooth as possible.

Q: We have picked our first dance and/or father daughter dance. can your band play these songs live for us?

A: Yes! with the performance ability of our versatile singers and professional musicians we have onboard, we can "customize" your special dances and play them live for you, as long as we have enough time to rehearse and learn the song prior to the event.

Q: Do you have any specific stage or power requirements?

A: Yes, due to the large size of the band, we require a minimum of 16X24 Feet stage/riser in bi-level (2 sections of 8x24 Feet). A power drop/ power box is also required to insure adequate power thorough out the performance.

Q: Can we come and see your performance somewhere?

A: To respect the privacy of our clients, we generally don't disclose this information. However, we have many clips available online and on this website's "videos" section that are taken directly from our various live events. These clips will give you a very good feel for Waves Orchestra's band performance.

Q: Do you have any other questions?

A: Feel free to Email or call us and we will be happy to answer any question you might have.

Telephone: +1 818 718 0122